Zines | Sweet Beaks Inc.

I create zines about my lived experiences, my professional experiences, and experiences I’ve yet to have.

Spokane Zinefest – October 2019

In October of 2019 I participated in my first ZineFest alongside my closest friends. We encouraged each other to express our creativity and create works that were authentic to ourselves; the act of putting vulnerability into the world was enriching to our individual and collective experiences.

My zine, “I Began Drawing Flowers,” was collected by, and is now housed in, Spark Central’s Zine library. Through this process, I was able to perform an informational interview on how to create a zine library.

Current Zines

These are my current, in-print Zines. If you would like a copy, please feel free to contact me!

  • Harnessing your inner Capricorn to make your mornings more efficient – A view of my evening rituals that prepare me for the day tomorrow (yes, I do set out my clothes, pack my lunch, and set my coffee maker every night).
  • Steeped & Ground: vol. 1 – The first volume on using the preparation of hot beverages to embed mindfulness and self-reflection into the lives of people who “feel too much.”
  • I Began Drawing Flowers : Trauma & Change A personal look at how trauma has altered my creativity and general life views.